Nightlife in Doha Summertime – Where’s the Party at?

Are you searching for the nightlife in Doha?

Qatar always feels empty during summer. Walk outside for more than one minute and you feel as though you will arrive at your destination a puddle on the floor. So most people choose this time to go on vacation, and thus the country feels empty.

And what happens to the nightlife scene? Suddenly all those outdoor beach clubs/ terraces / rooftops are closed and we feel like there is nowhere to go for a drink or dance. Well don’t you worry, because you still have options! The nightlife in Doha lives on.

West Bay is the heart of the city, and your hotspot destination for nightlife in Doha - with many luxurious hotels offering bars, lounges, nightclubs and restaurants. Nestled in the centre of it all is Noir Lounge & Club; the boutique beauty striving to give you the greatest night you’ve been yearning for during these hot summer nights.

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Check out the weekly events Noir Lounge & Club has to offer, which will keep you entertained all summer;

We're waiting for you at Noir!

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Happy FriYay – End of March Celebration

Best Happy Hour in Doha

The Best Happy Hour in Doha

Everybody loves happy hour, however nobody loves happy hour more than those of us here in Doha. You will struggle to find a venue that doesn’t offer us some kind of food or drink discount at some point in the week. However, the problem you usually encounter is that the day or timings of these happy hours just do not fit into your busy schedule – a not so happy hour.

Noir doesn’t like to discriminate against those who can’t make it in time for the short 5 – 7 happy hour after work. Instead, we extend ours until 9pm. That’s 4 very happy hours for you to enjoy 50% off all drinks & bottles. We also believe that to be the best happy hour in Doha, we couldn’t limit it to the weekdays – therefore, our happy hour is every day, including Friday!

Happy FriYay Flyer

Did Happy Hour Just Get Even Better?

Even better than 4 hours every single day of the week? How could it?! (I hear you ask). Well it did! Hold on to your seats! You’ve heard of FriYay, well things are about to get much better… on Friday 31st March, we present to you Happy FriYay.

Happy FriYay is guaranteed to have you smiling like a Cheshire cat. As an end of the month March celebration, we will treat you all to the following offers;

  • Special Guest DJ
  • Happy hour ALL NIGHT LONG
  • Two complimentary drinks for the ladies
  • Free entrance
  • No membership fees

You Had Me At ‘Best Happy Hour’

Definitely the happiest #FriYay so far. You’re welcome 😉

Take advantage of this daylight robbery and reserve one of our tables or VIP booths.

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The New FriYay Party

Friday party at Noir Doha


Thank Noir it’s FriYay! Noir presents the new Friday night in Doha, where you can Party to your hearts content to the finest RnB & commercial house music.

Local hero DJ Brayan will heat the party up with a mix of the latest and greatest tracks as you hit the dancefloor and dance the work week away!  You can also look forward to an array of international DJs that will be gracing the decks on exclusive nights. Stay updated on our Facebook page.

Girls Just Want to Party

Attention all the ladies of Doha! Friyay has been made with you in mind. We all know that one drink is never enough, so with every drink you buy on FriYay, Noir will give you a second on the house 😉 How could you resist? Choose from a special vast selection of spirits, wine & cocktails.




When, Where and How?

The FriYay Party launches on the 27th January and will be a weekly occurring event, so throw on your best outfit and meet us on the Mezzanine floor of the Melia Doha hotel. The party starts at 9pm and carries on into the night until 2am. However, if you’re an early bird, don’t forget we have our daily happy hour 5pm – 9pm ‘We Pay Half Your Bill’, which includes everything on the menu! #FriYay

New Year’s Eve in Doha


New Year's Eve in Doha

Where To Spend New Year's Eve in Doha?

We know that some of you might be ready to push 2016 down to the floor (and probably kick it a bit while it’s down). The rest of you will look back at the year and all the joyous memories,  wondering how it’s over so soon. Either way, all of you will want to see out the year with a bang! We are here to tell you that we have the perfect place for you to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Doha.

At Noir Lounge & Club, we will be ringing in the New Year with an extraordinarily elegant, yet equally crazy, Black & White Party. After a year of operating, we know how to combine classy, fun and crazy to ultimately bring you the greatest party and the finest nightclub to spend New Year’s Eve in Doha.

Have Fun With The Theme!

Feel free to interpret the night’s ‘black & white’ theme in whatever way you like. Which side will you choose?  Black or white? Light or dark? Good or evil?... Just remember to choose wisely  😉

Also, why not choose one of our amazing table packages and really immerse yourself in the spirit of NYE, while dancing to the magnificent sounds from our celebrated international DJ.

NYE Table Packages;

  • Table with up to 4 people: 1250 QR (UNLIMITED BOTTLES)
  • Table with up to 8 people: 2500 QR (UNLIMITED BOTTLES)

Alternatively, if you just want a single entry ticket, they will be 150 QR each with 2 drinks included.

New Year's Eve balloons

One step closer to your greatest NYE...

Finally, now that you have made up your mind on where you want to spend New Year's Eve in Doha, there's only one last thing for you to do - contact us to make your reservation!

There are only a limited number of tables available so be sure to not leave it until the last minute! We don’t want you to be disappointed. For full terms and conditions feel free to contact us.

All table reservations must be made in advance and paid for in full. Please contact us on;

T: +974 5596 1414 | E:

Noir’s 1 Year Anniversary 1st December 2016


Only one year ago, Noir Lounge & Club stepped onto the growing nightlife scene in Doha, Qatar. It was quickly established as a trendy boutique venue that gives excellent customer service; an exclusive venue which while having expectations upon entry, never delivers an arrogant message. Being a hybrid venue it functions as a laid back lounge early on, later evolving into a ‘clubbier’ experience.

Time has definitely flown by, but a lot has been achieved in just this one short year. Noir was awarded amongst the finest clubs in the world by The World’s Finest Clubs (WFC). They introduced a successful happy hour, ladies night, hospitality night, and even a gent’s night. Yes that’s correct, a gent’s night.

Noir Premiere Nightlife
Noir WFC Nightlife

Noir has treated Qatar’s nightlife to some of the scene’s big name DJ’s; including Space, Ibiza’s long term resident DJ Jonathan Ulysses, and DJ/Producer StoneBridge, who gave us popular hits such as ‘Put ‘Em High’ and ‘Take Me Away’.



After bringing you various popular & positively  unique events such as ‘Summer Festival’ and ‘The Noir Olympics’, Noir would love for you to join them in celebrating their one year anniversary. Indulge in the taste of luxury, and go all out with the dress code - ‘Blazers & Gowns’. Meet in the VIP area for free flowing bubbly 9.30pm – 11.30pm. Remember to make sure you’re not too late for the ball as only the first 80 best dressed will receive the VIP treatment!

RSVP to or call us on +974 55961414.

See you there!

Noir Lounge & Club