• Entry to Noir complies with current Qatar law
  • All guests must present an original, not a copy, passport or Qatar ID card
  • Minimum age of entry is 21 years
  • Entry is only between the hours of 5pm til 2am
  • Noir is an independent operation thus all terms and conditions apply to hotel guests
  • Priority entrance is given to table guests and those on the guestlist (see below)
  • Qatari ladies cannot enter Noir
  • Upon entering Noir, guests agree to having the above ID scanned and the data held for a duration of four months as required by the Government of the State of Qatar
  • Tables and groups should ideally arrive as one group - significant late comers cannot be guaranteed entry
  • Noir operates a zero tolerance policy toward any guest demonstrating violence or a violent/aggressive attitude and will result in a lifetime ban
  • Noir's management reserve the right to amend the Terms & Condition during operation in order to preserve the safety and security of our guests
  • Guests should be aware that certain promotions carry a maximum purchase quantity per person


  • Guestlist applications are made preferably by email. Full names must be given
  • Guestlist applications close at 8pm
  • The guestlist does not guarantee entry


  • Reserved tables will be held for a maximum of 30 minutes past the agreed time, after which the table may be offered to other guests
  • Entry for additional table guests will be at the discretion of management
  • Guests agree that there may be a purchase expectation, dependent on the table


  • Guests must adhere to a smart casual dresscode at all times inside Noir
  • The dresscode prohibits (but is not limited to) shorts, caps, sneakers, sportswear including t-shirts, beachwear, excessive show jewellery and prints deemed offensive to others
  • The management reserves the right to interpret Noir’s dresscode