Noir’s 1 Year Anniversary 1st December 2016


Only one year ago, Noir Lounge & Club stepped onto the growing nightlife scene in Doha, Qatar. It was quickly established as a trendy boutique venue that gives excellent customer service; an exclusive venue which while having expectations upon entry, never delivers an arrogant message. Being a hybrid venue it functions as a laid back lounge early on, later evolving into a ‘clubbier’ experience.

Time has definitely flown by, but a lot has been achieved in just this one short year. Noir was awarded amongst the finest clubs in the world by The World’s Finest Clubs (WFC). They introduced a successful happy hour, ladies night, hospitality night, and even a gent’s night. Yes that’s correct, a gent’s night.

Noir Premiere Nightlife
Noir WFC Nightlife

Noir has treated Qatar’s nightlife to some of the scene’s big name DJ’s; including Space, Ibiza’s long term resident DJ Jonathan Ulysses, and DJ/Producer StoneBridge, who gave us popular hits such as ‘Put ‘Em High’ and ‘Take Me Away’.



After bringing you various popular & positively  unique events such as ‘Summer Festival’ and ‘The Noir Olympics’, Noir would love for you to join them in celebrating their one year anniversary. Indulge in the taste of luxury, and go all out with the dress code - ‘Blazers & Gowns’. Meet in the VIP area for free flowing bubbly 9.30pm – 11.30pm. Remember to make sure you’re not too late for the ball as only the first 80 best dressed will receive the VIP treatment!

RSVP to or call us on +974 55961414.

See you there!

Noir Lounge & Club

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