Nightlife in Doha Summertime – Where’s the Party at?

Are you searching for the nightlife in Doha?

Qatar always feels empty during summer. Walk outside for more than one minute and you feel as though you will arrive at your destination a puddle on the floor. So most people choose this time to go on vacation, and thus the country feels empty.

And what happens to the nightlife scene? Suddenly all those outdoor beach clubs/ terraces / rooftops are closed and we feel like there is nowhere to go for a drink or dance. Well don’t you worry, because you still have options! The nightlife in Doha lives on.

West Bay is the heart of the city, and your hotspot destination for nightlife in Doha - with many luxurious hotels offering bars, lounges, nightclubs and restaurants. Nestled in the centre of it all is Noir Lounge & Club; the boutique beauty striving to give you the greatest night you’ve been yearning for during these hot summer nights.

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Check out the weekly events Noir Lounge & Club has to offer, which will keep you entertained all summer;

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